Consultant: Rachael Skillen BA(Hons) PGDipURP DMS MRTPI

Rachael is a fully Chartered Town Planner and Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI). Rachael occupied Town Planning roles for a number of Local Authorities within Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire over a 13 year period, before establishing Rachael Skillen Planning Limited in 2015. Rachael has worked for Ashfield District Council, Gedling Borough Council, Broxtowe Borough Council, Nottingham City Council and most recently, North Kesteven District Council. She has also provided Town & Country Planning Consultancy Services to South Kesteven District Council and West Lindsey District Council.

Town Planning Consultancy Services

Rachael Skillen Planning Ltd will guide you through the planning process using extensive local knowledge, technical expertise and practical experience to formulate a robust strategy to secure your best chances of a successful outcome. With a proven track record at both the planning application and appeal stages, every effort will be made to secure a positive outcome for your proposal.

In addition to in-house services, we work with a number of 3rd party consultants/architects. Where possible these are also locally based within Nottinghamshire & Lincolnshire. 

Development Types: 

Residential Developments

From a single dwelling in constrained settings, such as sites within the Conservation Area, affecting the setting of a Listed Building or within/adjoining the countryside to complex mid-large range residential and mixed use developments.

The use of Building for Life may be useful in the design process of your proposal, including to help communicate the design rationale during the consultation phases of your development . Having previously gained status as a Building for Life Accredited Assessor, assessments can be provided for both modest and larger scale schemes. 

Agricultural Developments & Proposed Countryside Development

Agricultural schemes, including agricultural workers dwellings, barn conversions (including Part Q schemes), expansions of farmyards, grain stores, extensive irrigation systems and intensive livestock proposals (including those subject to Environmental Impact Assessment).

Green Belt Development

Agricultural development within a green belt setting/farm workers dwellings, domestic and residential developments (including extensions, replacement buildings and new builds), developments involving “very special circumstances” and telecommunications developments.


Developments with a strong heritage aspect or context, including developments affecting Grade I, Grade II* and Grade II listed buildings (including the setting of listed buildings), sites within or adjoining Conservation Areas, buildings of local historical significance/interest (non-designated heritage assets), developments with Archaeological constraints and acting in an advisory capacity for listed buildings ‘at risk’.

Commercial/Retail/Leisure and Tourism Developments 

From minor changes of use of buildings within either a Town or City Centre location to the change of use of buildings or new builds within a more rural context.

Domestic Extensions/Extending your Property

The input of a Planning Consultant is often unnecessary for small-scale and simple domestic extensions. However there are more complex extensions (i.e. affecting a listed building, extensions to buildings within the conservation area/countryside/green belt or in a context where design/terracing affects could be an issue).  Where these issues occur, advice will be provided on the options to best meet your objectives.

Sustainable Construction Methods and Renewable Energy Production

Renewable energy production from small scale measures to improve the sustainability credentials of residential/commercial and agricultural developments to the development of solar farms and wind turbines.

Site Promotion

Advice on the development potential of a prospective site including its inclusion as a site allocation (i.e. for residential/commercial/leisure development) in forthcoming Local Plans.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), including EIA Screening and Scoping Exercises.

Planning Appeals

Planning appeals can be progressed on your behalf in cases where a planning application has already been refused. Advice will always be provided on the available options to help you best realise your objectives and this may include a re-submission of the planning application to resolve issues of dispute. 

RSP Ltd will guide you through the process using extensive local knowledge, technical expertise and practical experience, to provide you with the best chance of realising your planning and development objectives.